We constantly strive to make a conscious choice in the material that we work with and the approach that we adopt. Each material is gauged based on their source, aesthetic presentation, material properties and their impact on our environment and its user.

We place importance on using ethically sourced materials. We pledge against the use of metals and gems that contribute to the destructive effects of over-mining on the environment. We only use 100% reclaimed gold and silver as we partner with industry leaders based locally and overseas who market non-mined jewellery grade metal that is also free from nickel and lead, most importantly. As for all custom blend silver and gold, they are prepared in house to ensure only good quality elements are added to our material.


For the atypical gems that we use, each one is hand selected by our founders. We take into consideration their complex matrix, the play of light on their natural spectrum of colours and stories of natures. Above all, we do our best to ensure that the gems are properly sourced and marketed as the beautiful gifts they are. Fruits of nature that should be harnessed sustainably for the environment.

Even as a small entity, we value the significance in playing our part to make a difference.