Phoenix Symphony

phoenix symphony.JPG


A sincere piece created to celebrate three wonderful years of love, patience and perseverance of a genuine relationship between two people. They told us their story and they could not have said it better, so here it is:

When we first met, there were a lot of things that got in our way before we even thought of getting together.


“Painful past relationships, difficult experiences and situations in both our lives. Even when we finally did, there was the distance, the uncertainty of our ambitions, varying directions in our lives and our differing personalities and love languages. But we found a way to make it work. A way to take two vastly different instruments to play our own symphony. A way to intertwine our hearts and rise up from the ashes of all that held us back.”


A bespoke piece is more than just a personalised jewellery. This is definition of one's identity and a voice that will continue to be heard in times to come.