Serendipity is easily known as a series of happy coincidences. Over these 30 wonderful years, this union has been built on trust, mutual respect and a lifelong friendship. It requires us to build and support the other person in building a life together.


He wanted to celebrate her devotion to her passion and how she applies the same commitment to their relationship. We hope this piece celebrates her achievements and how she has exceeded the expectations set before her.


The lily, a flower of devotion and friendship was incorporated into the piece to highlight the presence of these qualities in sustaining this relationship over the years. The steady bloom of a lily flower in the piece expresses the lengthy process of finding and building herself in the pursuit of her passion.



Her artwork includes complex yet realistic expressions of Michelangelo with a playful twist of cartoon objects. We had incorporated a twist of our own, which is the Gumby charm to complete the piece, commending on her playful approach to art and the devotion she carries with her to pursue her passion.

When we first met, there were a lot of things that got in our way before we even thought of getting together.


As for the flower buds surrounding the lily, each encases a pearl to represent the cultivation of her talent and potential in arts. Pearls are also known to signify patience, just as how it comes into existence from a grain of sand to the constant layers of nacre into an iridescent gem. Much like the care needed to nurture a long-lasting relationship.

A bespoke piece is more than just a personalised jewellery. This is definition of one's identity and a voice that will continue to be heard in times to come.