We first met Tony and his wife, Anne at our studio during their trip to Borneo in 2014. They had been travelling down for the past 30 years and stumbled upon our studio. Anne being the more adventurous one, came straight in and started browsing through our pieces. She had spotted one of our necklaces and tried it on before placing it back onto the stand. Shortly afterwards, Tony slowly ascended the staircase, looking for Anne. 


Tony had always pointed out things to Anne, what suited her or what she might like. That day, they had both set their eyes on the same necklace, and Tony did not hesitate in getting the piece for Anne in celebration of her birthday and their anniversary. Since then, Tony would visit us whenever he was in Borneo and would be sure to find something for their collection of stories.


In October 2015, we received an email from Tony in the UK with a request to craft a bespoke piece for Anne, embodying her elegance. He had wanted to surprise her with a gift under the tree that Christmas. This piece was made to personify Anne's refined grace, after 50 years of being together. It also speaks of their everlasting love and the effort it took for them to keep each other’s hearts close to regardless of change and time.



They had both set their eyes on that necklace that day, the same way they had set eyes on each other. He loved her like the day he offered the necklace to her. As it rested on her chest, he couldn't help but say - while his hands were resting on her shoulders;

You look gorgeous, dear.

A bespoke piece is more than just a personalised jewellery. This is definition of one's identity and a voice that will continue to be heard in times to come.