Two souls meeting on a tour group in Beijing so many years ago and finding a partner in each other.


Eric did not hide his intentions on meeting us from the beginning. Eric seemed reserved at first, but within five minutes of our meeting, his intentions were clear. Just a husband wanting to celebrate his wife.


We started by getting to know what his wife is like and Eric gave us a faint smile in return. 



Meeting through their aunts, Eric met his wife for the first time during a tour and have not been apart since. As an entrepreneur, he has had his fair share of troubles, whether it's mentally or financially. 

During these tough times, his wife has been his pillar of strength. And through this, it has allowed them to grow and move forward together. Even at the of the meeting, Eric was so overwhelmed with emotion and only managed to breathe while saying, “Wow, my wife has done so much for me.”

I just want to show that I appreciate her, that’s all.


We tried to tell his story and his love through the embodiment of her strength. And we found that strength in the form of the bamboo bark. It signifies her strength and the gentle spirit that has kept Eric going, especially through his rough patches.

A bespoke piece is more than just a personalised jewellery. This is definition of one's identity and a voice that will continue to be heard in times to come.