He wanted this year to be special when he conveys a message to his wife for their anniversary. To commemorate the day they made that powerful vow to spend a lifetime together; there is no other way to express his feelings. This is as simple as it gets.


Colin is a simple man and soft-spoken man, so when it came to meeting the right person, feelings and timing were everything to him.


We wanted to encompass those vivid feelings in the features of how the sun shines, how the rain falls and flowers bloom. This piece was a delicate way of conveying his simple love, honest and full.



Like many of us, love comes in overflowing waves of emotions. For Colin, however, He believes love is found in the subtleties and how it comes to us so naturally. It is always fascinating how love takes different forms when expressed by different people. 

The rain falls, the sun shines, the flowers bloom. It all comes naturally, just like loving you.

A scene where the sun shines and the blowing of the wind is captured with the silver elements. We solder the components together to form a clean look before wrapping the fresh water pearls using a wire weaving technique to create a contrast of texture.


A bespoke piece is more than just a personalised jewellery. This is definition of one's identity and a voice that will continue to be heard in times to come.