Behind Counting Stars : Part 1


Faint pattering of a motorcycle exhaust followed by a crisp thud of a fresh newspaper stack hitting the floor, it is 4 in the morning. Lost in time, we put down our tools, slide down from the chair and took a deep breath after being awake for 21 hours, working. We stared blankly at a piece that we have been working on for the past couple of hours and instantly felt a foreign emotion. Our eyes felt like they were about to pop out from their sockets, our throats burned from facing too close to a 1000⁰C flame torch for hours. Our mind is lost, wondering whether we were doing everything right.




Graduation 2014

Graduation 2014

Back in university, we both thrived academically, keeping our CGPA at perfection and graduating with my first class honours degree in a Double Major of Mechanical Engineering and Finance and Fabian’s Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Biotechnology. Everyone had told us that the future awaits us. Thriving results, big firms, high pay, the corporate ladder and a great life.

But we made a huge leap, pursuing a skill based artisanal jewellery business upon graduation. Peers and family members around us were upset by our choices. Some demanded us to provide a concrete plan that will ensure our success, some questioned our worth and some criticised us both for being a waste.

Along the way, we met amazing people but also fell for the words that we thought would bring us closer to our vision. At one point, we nearly lost everything - in our business and in our personal savings. We were beaten spiritually and being financially constrained did not make it better. We had moved into our small studio at Kai Joo with little of what we had left. We could not even afford a chair and worked on the floor for 4 months. We would always skip meals so we can save up to have the business thrive again. We would also receive countless questions: How are you going to survive? As though a mirror was placed right in front of us to show us the ice cold truth. However, that mirror could not show what was underneath those tired faces.