The central angle of view for our field of vision on a horizontal plane is approximately 60°. In other words, 60° is the extent of what catches our immediate attention in the visual world and what most influences our perception of a scene. This leaves the rest of the 300° out of sight, and eventually out of mind.

What does the 300° reveal?

The blunt side to a sharp single­-edged sword. The time and effort behind a 72 ­hour chain weave. The impact of evoking sentiments of the heart by the patterns on a precious gemstone. The sincere blessings carried by a bespoke pendant. The lingering emotions revolving around a past narration. The perseverance behind a romantic love story. The reason for a set of tear-­filled eyes of a burly man.

When we take a moment to learn and discover, reminisce and acknowledge something other than what directly meets our eyes each day, we may uncover the rawest emotion and truest of stories. We allow things to surprise us, to stop us in our tracks. We let stories give us a thought to ponder upon, teach us a lesson or two. Be it for a reason as simple as igniting a spark of joy or unleashing our potential to materialise dreams and the wonders beyond our wildest imaginations. Beyond what is thought possible, we want to appreciate the unseen, shed new light onto obscure chronicles to be remembered and appreciated.

Here is where we would like to share these stories – the stories often unheard, the 300°.